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Prime-Ex Perpetual has announced that their PEX-Token PEXT trading pairs will now be available on cryptocurrency exchange more trading pairs on other exchanges soon. Prime-Ex Perpetual recently completed its ICO, achieving token sales of over 14 million 14,000,000YobitCoin DASH 0.00829385 + 2.2% 1968.5 DASH ETH 0.02303429 + 1.3% 1675.8 Ethereum ZEC 0.00518122 + 1.5% 1660.6 Zcash BCHABC 0.Buy and sell PrimeEx PEXT on YoBit Exchange! Best price! Buy and sell PrimeEx PEXT on YoBit Exchange. dominikherzog gre3n, you can check coins info page.The latest Tweets from jeremy hadida @jeremy13011. Esthète politique made in. Check out #PrimeEx and #PEXT trading at #Yobit. 0 replies 0 retweets 0. Các cặp tiền tệ ưa thích trong forex. X R31GNy DAYz: Us Minne Snowtans dont mind the cold.. Entrepreneur Guy: Solomando, Chess, in business, times of way, etc.......Realboss1 L0: i have yozi coin and it has fall what should i do with it pleasex R31GNy DAYz: Yozi has its surprises, if its not a bother to wait it out, it could go back up.x R31GNy DAYz: It just takes a decent ib for it to rocket upyefferzon: hola a todos Carl Sot21: Holafrancisco00 L1: what about x10? x R31GNy DAYz: Long time ago hah Solomando: I figured as much.yefferzon: que Tsarjim L0: According cryptanalysts , some cryptos could increase soon and we can get most of them hereraypol: I think itraypol: I thik it's time to update "status" of IBsraypol: Full would be an acceptable phrase for status Irfan267 L0: Now the time is come for EDCunipromeche L0: Hi. nubbins7: unipromeche, send a support ticketunipromeche L0: TRANKS YOUEntrepreneur Guy: Solomando, Funny show Solomando: I only watched it because Patrick Star was on it. Entrepreneur Guy: Solomando, Delayed watching other monitors topsy-turvy week.Nubbins7: francisco00, Its good get 10% daily in the IBfrancisco00 L1: thankss but can i sell x10 easily? Puede augenubbins7: ywnubbins7: Maxb8989, Not for 10% no 12% yesnubbins7: lust have to do 10 DS rolls daily Maxb8989 L1: Ok thanks bronubbins7: Just*Maxb8989 L1: Pnubbins7: I just wish yobit will raise the min invest of X10 to 100000Bulek70 L1: All coin scaamnubbins7: Bulek70, all of them? Entrepreneur Guy: Solomando, Good voice over and also RIP Van Dycke Solomando: Well Mr.. Entrepreneur Guy: Solomando, U think they will ever fill the BTC Wkly IB?Nubbins7: francisco00, Yes you can look at the marketfrancisco00 L1: thankss my friend Maxb8989 L1: X10 needs 20 buys everyday? lol Bulek70 L1: nubbins7, crypto manipulation moneynubbins7: Bulek70, Paper money is a scaamraypol: Don;t most stocks do the same?

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Bulek70 L1: nubbins7, yes, but crypto hard scam Tsarjim L0: Lòt of coins are bad, but some get a great potentiality. Solomando: Remember in the game of Chess you must never let your opponent see your pieces. Invest Boxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe. Path of exile vs trade site Forgot your password. Please confirm the action. PEX/BTC, PoSeX Coin, 0%, 0.00000000 BTC, 0.00000028, 0.00000028, 0.00000028. PEXT/ETH, PrimeEx, 0%, 0.00000000 BTC, E0.00000077, E0.00000077, E0.00000077. pleasehelpme usr7341, that was just a test reaction here to find who is jealous and enemy.KngHil might want to check that out xd. GoodLuckCrypto Cheers Ya'll, happy trading = johnlowers KngHil, girls laugh alot anyway. Yanadia KngHil, impact by lockdown. howudewin Yanadia, fuckin wife is getting crazy. I gave her my Grandmothers bracelet and she won't wear it because its engraved with " do not resuscitate. Yanadia.For reporting coin Update/Issue/Fork - click here. Your E-mail. Message type. Select. Money deposit, Money withdrawal, Trade / Balance, Inform about error.

Prime-Ex Perpetual has announced that their PEX-Token PEXT trading pairs will now be available on cryptocurrency exchange platform. Prime-Ex Perpetual is a Panama-based real estate developer and homebuilder that uses the PEX-Token as prime currency within their real estate ecosystem geared towards financing homes for expats.The Old Blood Hotfix 26.0.8 PRIME VAULT! Vauban Prime and Ash Prime have emerged from the Prime Vault with their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and more! Find their Relics in the Void or Bounty rewards today!Bitcoin Diamond can be purchased or sold on the following cryptocurrency exchanges Indodax. OKEx, Binance. Exrates, Huobi, Lbank, YoBit. Khóa học cfd chênh lệch. We let people mine Ai on their phone and computer's web browsers, earning HADRON coins and making a difference for businesses and charitable medical research. Asiedu L1: Is it possible to send private chats here on yobit? Steakcloud: Asiedu, yes the tab PMSolomando: These scammers are going to end up killing me. Solomando: steakcloud, that wasn't directed toward you.steakcloud: Solomando, I am starting to think you are the only scammer heresteakcloud: Solomando, oh okay then not you : DSolomando: You caught me. Asiedu L1: steakcloud, ok thanks.steakcloud: Solomando, paaaaaaaasteakcloud: Asiedu, no problem Ec21985 L1: i got 1 of them so whats k worth to ya here ...\Ec21985 L1: steakcloud, you missed 1 or 1000Ec21985 L1: dirty dealings sometimes bite ya n the asssteakcloud: Ec21985, its cool man, I am use to it already Bnance10: I don’t have enough drive even to maintain a couple exchanges linked directly to my banks. Solomando: BCH (the real one) just hit an a new high since November.

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Yobit relaxes mesteakcloud: Ec21985, here and be quick Ec21985 L1: ksteakcloud: [YC]BEV06z WVOQMT35Wum Z05EGRTs VUd5PVe Dq/jd Q89d7MO/nh BQa XWUAxc LZCm CPi [/YC]TCBnance10: It’s unique in the freedom users can enjoysteakcloud: I need to sleep : Dsteakcloud: its ater 4am here... Nakomuro12 L0: Solomando, when will the air drop ??? Ec21985 L1: ty much Bnance10: You did what you came here for. Check that as a successsteakcloud: Ec21985, welcome :)Alaina1001 L1: Why are people talking in heresteakcloud: Oh godsteakcloud: It never stops : DAlaina1001 L1: Hahahaha omy god jk you're funny asfsteakcloud: O.osteakcloud: : PNakomuro12 L0: Could you help me with a small starting capital? Solomando: Nakomuro12, if you paid attention you could have had a free 1.35BTC from airdrops and lucky trading here.steakcloud: Side not to new users. bumer5555: Hamsters, did I ask you or can 't you hear me? Slapdatazz: Bnance10, enjoy dicing Solomando: Nakomuro12, there was an airdrop here for "Air" that yielded a free 0.01BTC if you did it right. Hội chợ thái trade fair 2019 do ai tổ chức. Steakcloud: I'm just here to be abused by people with no Bitcoin lol Nakomuro12 L0: ? go to settings and tckk "Hide my User Level in chat" so people can't see how much BTC you havesteakcloud: note*Bnance10: I need to go maintain my Few Yobit IB’s. Invest Boxes of AIR have a new type (no investment close, you can only get daily percent). 🚀 ODYSSEY - The future of decentralized sharing economy!

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Follow @CNN_Blockchain and invite your friends to get 128 CNN for FREE : Crafty ICO has started a few days ago and today we´re happy to announce our AIRDROP. A ICO do Crafty começou há alguns dias atrás e estamos felizes em anunciar nosso AIRDROP. Register / Registre-se no BSEzg2w 🚀 Join $CET 8Mn AIRDROP 🚀 CET, a new blockchain-based content ecosystem, will be available on market within the next ten days.Follow @CET_Blockchain and invite your friends to get 88 💰CET💰 for FREE : Dota188 trade. C=dfc82f @officialmcafee We're the #1 un-ICO of the week, with 3000% growth in six days.Hi Everybody, Thanks as always for being a part of our community and supporting the Prime-Ex Perpetual project.We've got a lot going on these days and we want to take a moment to give you a quick update while we get something going that's fun and rewarding for you!

📷Update on previous vote and raffle:📷 We recently performed a vote and asked the community: would you prefer to have PEXT remain as a security token, or re-cast PEXT as a utility token?Voting was overwhelmingly in favor of converting to a utility token, by a vote of 90.9% for utility, and only 9.1% in favor of security.Prime-Ex Perpetual continues to make progress in the transformation of our PEXT token from a security token to a utility token. The transatlantic slave trade. The two most important aspects needed to finalize the process are the updated whitepaper and the attorney opinion letter.Both of these documents are currently in the process of completion with the legal team.The utility status lifts several restrictions from the PEX-Token; one of the most important ones is the ability to to be listed on more exchanges.

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More exchanges will result in more buyers, in more liquidity, and a better possibility of an increasing value of PEX-Tokens!📷📷Current vote and raffle📷 So let's have some fun!We anticipate all the necessary documents being finalized by the legal team around the end of next week. We are thrilled for the Prime-Ex Perpetual project, PEX-Tokens, and our community to be able to explore a wider market.We will be devoting significant effort and funds to become listed on a another exchange and we would like your input on what that should be.📷Just like last time, all voters will be entered to win a prize for contributing their opinion. We'll be giving away the following prize package to 5 lucky people who participate in the upcoming vote: .1 ETH and 100 PEXT Prizes will be awarded shortly after we conclude the voting period.

Check out primeex and pext trading at yobit

We will open the voting at 12pm Thursday, CST (Panama Time), through Friday night, and close voting at a.m. Like you, we are eager for our very own binance banner, but for now, let’s consider 5 feasible exchange choices: Kucoin, Cryptopia, DEX, Coinpulse, and Coin Ex.Please submit your vote to the bot that will be pinned in the prime-ex telegram room starting tomorrow afternoon at p.m.CST (Panama Time), ending at 9am sat CST (Panama Time)! Kp trade log in. ‼️ANNOUNCEMENT‼️📣📣Prime-Ex Perpetual is launching a You Tube Contest for its community and supporters 📣📣The You Tube contest will have PEXT community and supporters make a video promoting PEXT and Prime-Ex.To enter the contest, you have to send us link to your videos on You Tube on the group here to register (it could be real video or slide show sound)The videos will be shared on our You Tube channel.Each contestant will be required to promote his/her links and earn views.