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It doesn't matter what you trade or how you trade it, everyone knows that Support and Resistance is a vital part of your trading.” – Erich Senft.A compilation of invaluable trading wisdom learned over decades of trading the markets. Erich Senft % COMPLETE $9 Journaling and Back Testing A Guide to Journaling and Back Testing Over 90% of the most successful traders keep a trading journal! Erich Senft % COMPLETE $9 Trading Strategies for The Short Funded The Secret Set Ups.A Traders Helping Traders. EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL REPORT. by. Erich Senft, CTA. Author of “The Truth about Trading Support and. Resistance – How to Trade.Erich Senft, CTA, Trader, Teacher Helping Traders for 20 years. trading methodology - but I'm biased as I am a price action/support and resistance trader. the Strategy you use in fact, there is no strategy that is 100% profitableget it? Day trading và swing trading. The biggest pro of price action trading is that prices are real. MACD, RSI, Stochastics, etc) are just mathematical derivatives of price and are not really there. In my opinion Price Action trading is the most sound trading methodology - but I'm biased as I am a price action/support and resistance trader.Price, on the other hand, is the only thing that is real on your chart.And once you learn how to read price you will quickly see who is in control of the market - buyers or sellers - and know which way prices are most likely to go.

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Erich is now full time coach and moderator of the Indicator Warehouse Trading Room. Erich is a graduate of the University of Alberta business program and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He is also a registered Commodity Trading Advisor CTA.About support and resistance trading Support and Resistance Trading Erich Senft, CTA is the trader behind, the well-loved Big Weekend Edition.And NinjaTrader gives you the flexibility to convert it to a trading platform for a. Erich Senft, long time Support and Resistance expert and resident Indicator. or losses similar to those shown; in fact, there are frequently sharp differences. In ANY Market, giving you the edge you need to perform in all market conditions.Imagine no more poring over your charts, wondering if a particular price point will affect the market.Now you can trade with confidence by taking advantage of our proprietary algorithms that accurately determine which prices will require your attention.

It’s like knowing in advance what the market is most likely to do next!The Ultimate Support and Resistance Suite gives you a whole new way to look at charts; More opportunities to trade; More precise times for entering and exiting markets; and very Low Risk/High Reward trading opportunities.Use the Suite as a standalone trading method or to ENHANCE a trading system. Aseanic trading oy. Erich Senft, CTA is the owner of Traders Helping Traders, a support and resistance based technical analysis website which publishes daily trade picks, a weekly e Zine and regular live trading webinars.Erich also teaches aspiring traders to analyze charts using support and resistance, which is the basis of virtually all technical analysis. The commodity markets first captured Erich's attention in the 1970's when the Hunt brother's made the news over their attempt to corner the silver market.Ever since then he had a desire to learn more about what made the commodity markets tick.Erich is a graduate of the University of Alberta business program and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

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He is also a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three cats.When he's not talking or trading commodities you can usually find him on the golf course chasing a disobedient little white ball. More from Erich Senft Published: November 9, 2007 No doubt you've heard the stories of how some people are making fortunes literally overnight and have caught the trading bug yourself.You've armed yourself with as much information and charts as you can stand and your head is swimming from the still lack one more thing.Published: March 17, 2005 Paper Trading is a controversial subject among futures traders.

While there is no possible way paper trading can emulate the emotional response to having your own money at risk, it does have several very important benefits.Erich Senft is a recognized futures trading expert and has been trading futures since 1995. I was born and raised in a small town in central Alberta – in the heart of the oil patch.He is a registered CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), designated Trader Kingdom Expert, trading teacher, coach, and contributor at Wheatland Investor Report, Mr, and The Technical Analyst Magazine, among others. In my early 20's I met my wife and we moved to the west coast where we've lived ever since. Sherlock holmes môi giới. [[I've done a lot of different things over the years, but trading has been my passion ever since I caught the bug about 20 years ago. I was first introduced to the world of trading in the mid-70's when I was a young boy and the Hunt brothers were attempting to corner the silver market sending silver prices soaring.My cousin, who's always been more ambitious than me, starting hording quarters for their silver content and I helped.We must have collected $300 worth of quarters before we found out that the government stopped putting silver in quarters in the mid-60's!

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Fast forward 15 years when at a very difficult time in my life financially I got the “Ken Roberts” flyer in the mail and promptly sent for his commodity trading course.I poured over the information and a few months later I opened a trading account only to blow it out about a year later but I was hooked and determined to figure out how to become a profitable trader. Without a doubt it's the freedom and flexibility, especially nowadays with the Forex, Global markets and liquid after hours markets.You can literally trade anytime of the day (or night) that suits you. I started with the grains and still favour them, but in recent years the margin requirements have gone through the roof. I look at a chart and figure out where the buyers and sellers are and once I decide who's in control of the market I’ll trade with the dominate group. How to sell signal on mql5 with broker dukascopy. Now I tend to spend more time with the emini S&P although I do like to dabble with the Bonds and Forex. What have been the biggest influences on your development as a trader? I like to think that I can learn something from every trader but there are three people who have had a significant influence on how I trade today. It's funny, while extremely gratifying, you never seem to remember your winning trades to the same degree that you remember the losers.Losing money is an extremely painful experience and I will agonize for days over a losing trade – analyzing what went wrong and trying to figure out how not to let it happen again.There are some losing trades that are still vivid in my mind, even though they happened many years ago. That's tough, but I'd probably say money management.

What is the one biggest lesson that you have learned since starting trading? If you don't know how to get a handle on your losses you might as well take the money out of your account and go to Las Vegas where you'll at least have a good time spending it.Many years ago there was a trader who went by the cyber handle “Phantom of the Pits” who gave a printed interview on the internet.While some of his concepts were a little mystical, two things struck me about his trading philosophy: 1. get ready to take a loss, keep losses small) and 2. Unfortunately the interview never gave specifics how to accomplish those things, but I still believe it to be sound information, especially the advice on keeping losses small. Olymp trade la j. How did you get interested in coaching other traders?About 10 years ago internet trading forums began springing up and I would spend time at the forums posting and reading posts.I noticed that there were a lot of people asking trading questions, desperate for information, and either getting no answers, or worse, getting bad advice.

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I started posting more and people liked my answers and advice. Do you focus on coaching of one particular area of trading, e.g. No, not on just one area but it depends a lot on what the individual needs.There are some people who are okay with some pieces of the trading puzzle but lost in some other aspect of trading. All of the above, but as the internet becomes more sophisticated we're doing more trading rooms, with screen sharing software.And then there are the ones who are simply lost or so overloaded with information that they haven't got a clue how to proceed. It's as close as you can get to a one-on-one experience without the plane ticket. Yiwu international trade city. People usually tell me what they need, and if they don't I can usually spot it pretty quick. What sort of results do your clients get after coaching with you?I suppose you should be asking them, but I would like to think that they're more confident with their trading abilities. It's kind of like trading with training wheels – you feel safe until you can do it on your own.People gain a lot of confidence when they get to trade with someone else to “show them the ropes”. What is the most satisfying part of coaching traders?

The truth about trading support and resistance by erich senft

People are always so grateful for helping them become better traders.When you think about it, there really are no trading schools, at least not in the traditional sense.If you're looking to learn to trade you're limited to two options: teach yourself or find someone to teach you; that's it. There are a lot of traders who get hooked on the “trading buzz” and will get into another trade to get their fix, not unlike a junkie. Huong dan choi trade lootbits. What is the biggest but most easily fixed mistake that you see traders make? Of course the buzz wears off pretty quick after a big loser and that leads to other problems, which also tends to result in overtrading so you're stuck coming and going.But if you want to fix your trading, be a lot choosier about which trades you take.The next biggest “easily fixed” mistake is that people give up too easily.