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Browse job descriptions requirements and skills for job postings in investment banking, equity research, treasury, FP&A, corporate finance, accounting and other areas of finance. These job descriptions have been compiled by taking the most common lists of skills, requirement, education, experience and otherFinance Officer duties and responsibilities of the job. A Finance Officer job description generally includes Assisting in the preparation of budgets Managing records and receipts Reconciling daily, monthly and yearly transactions.Apply to Trade Finance Officer 2743773 Jobs in Dubai at Robert Walters. Skills/Qualifications Reporting, Administrative Writing, Microsoft.Browse Trade Finance Officer Jobs. Apply now for Trade Finance Officer Jobs. 4 positions are currently open at eFinancialCareers. Letter of Credit Officer Job. This is clearly a very important part of trade and where international trade is taking place, a Letter of Credit Officer is often critical to the trading process. The knowledge you will acquire in the position of a Letter of Credit Officer will provide you with experience that can lead to other financial positions including management roles.The trade officer works for the federal government at the GS-15 level. He ensures compliance with trade laws and ensures that ports of entry and exit comply with strategies consistent with national priorities. Duties. The trade officer manages subordinates who inspect, investigate and audit the trading process, and works with assistant trade commissioners and port directors.Apply for Head Trade Finance Operations, Career Progress Consultants in. Trade Finance Operations Experience 10 to 18 yrs Skills Required Job Summary.

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Our ideal candidate demonstrates interest in managing accounting activities, including bank reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable.You should also have excellent organizational skills and be able to handle time-sensitive tasks.Ultimately, you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day management of our financial transactions and procedures. Debt trading jsc. Job Description NBG Bank Malta is currently looking for a Trade Finance Officer within the Trade Finance Department (TFD).The Business Processes & Operations Division is at the core of processing every customer related international financial transaction facilities at the Bank, i.e.Issuance of Import/Export Letter of Credit, Documentary Collections, etc.

Role Duties: • Supporting the day-to-day operations of the TFD and efficiently delivering the trade finance (TF) products/services to the Bank clients; • Inputting of FT transactions on the core banking system(s) in line with the business origination and client instructions; • Handling Trade Finance Back-Office related activities; • Actions changes to FT transactions (e.g.Terms of issued L/Cs) which might be requested by the client; • Liaising with other departments in relation to handling FT transactions; • Assisting in the managing of ‘’opening’’ TF transactions’, follow-up and record updates accordingly; • Handle filing of TF documentation for the closed/completed transactions; • Participate in Projects involving the testing of new setups in relation with TF banking applications and to meet business needs; Skills: • Willingness and commitment on Bank products and services; • Must be an active team member with positive attitude; • Excellent knowledge in MS-Word and MS-Excel; • Ability to work efficiently and multi-task in a busy environment; • Knowledge on SWIFT Alliance system (optional); • Excellent written and verbal English • Ability to multi-task and to meet deadlines; • A high degree of self-confidence; • Able to work independently and within a team; • Well organized; • Well-developed written and verbal communication skills; • Must be an active team member with positive attitude; • Excellent knowledge in MS-Word and MS-Excel; • Excellent English communication skills; • Greek speaking will be considered an asset; Qualifications: Banking, Accounting & Finance University Diploma Experience: Minimum 3 years work experience in companies of the financial sector Minimum 1 year work experience in Trade Finance Interested candidates should send their letter of application, together with a detailed CV by email on , or by mail addressed to the Human Resources Manager, NBG Bank Malta Limited, Preluna Towers, 1st Floor, 124 Tower Road, Sliema, SLM 1605, Malta.Application Deadline: 30th December 2019 All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence The professional and experienced staff at NBG Bank Malta is always at hand to offer sound and tailored financial advice. Mainly to execute any job within Trade Finance Operations responsible for processing any of Trade Finance products L/C's import & Export L/C-B/C, L/G's Local.The financial analyst job description below gives a typical example of all the skills, education, and experience required to be hired for an analyst job at a bank Banking Sell Side Careers The banks, also known as Dealers or collectively as the Sell Side, offer a wide range of roles like investment banking, equity research, sales & trading, institution Buy-Side Institutional asset managers, known as the Buy Side offer a wide range of jobs including private equity, portfolio management.A Career in Trade Finance promises exciting opportunities, good compensation. Qualifications and Skills; How to get into Trade Finance. In such cases, it is the trade finance manager who gets the call only for trade.

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The Relationship Manager reports directly to the Head of Business Development and works closely with. and specialises in Trade Finance for the financing, facilitation and promotiion of foreign trade. Job Description. Other skills Project management and organization skills; Decision-making and sound judgment; High.Job Description. The Head of Trade Finance will have the following duties and responsibilities 1 building and. 4 Strong sales/customer communication skills.Trade Finance Operations OfficerAn Asian Bank in Singapore is looking for a Trade Finance officer to join their expanding operations division in Singapore. Your role here · Use your skills · FAQs · Apply now · Contact+. Job Description. Pop àn bilykay binary option. The main activities in trade finance may be bucketed into three main categories: This part of the job revolves around selling products that allows clients to export and import goods with the understanding that the banks in the middle will sort of act as guarantors for the trade transaction.This is done through products like Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit etc.Essentially, the banks act as middlemen and ensure that their respective clients don’t get ripped off.

Trade Finance Officer. The role will be responsible for ensuring that all the trade finance activities are conducted strictly in accordance with the Bank's policy.New Trade Finance Officer jobs added daily. diverse and inclusive team where you'll feel valued and inspired to contribute your unique skills and experience.Chief Financial Officer CFO job profile. In addition, they are often involved in the development of a financial and operational strategy, KPIs, and the ongoing development and monitoring of the financial system. In order to attract Chief Financial Officer CFO that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise Chief Financial Officer CFO job description. Olymp trade chiến thuật. [[This is also usually a transactional process where most of the work is actually done at the time of deal initiation.In fact, because of this transactional nature of trade finance, many banks often include trade finance under the transaction banking division or global transaction services or something of that nature. Structured Trade Finance is the term used to define bespoke and more complex trade transactions.Such deals require complex coordination and input from various other teams as well.

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Such a deal might involve creating special structures and integrating various products from FX to vanilla loans to create a custom trade solution for the client.Supply Chain Finance is a more specialised subset of trade finance which is used in more specific cases as described in the linked article.One unique aspect of trade finance is that unlike many other banking roles, there is less of a focus on financial analysis and modelling and more on regulatory and legal aspects. This makes it a unique career for those who do not wish to spend a lot of their early years grappling with Microsoft Excel but would rather spend that time learning about trade regulations and policies.Quantitative skills are still required for complex transactions which may require something like multi-currency hedging or interest rate arbitrage, but such things take a lot less of your time when compared with other banking roles.Knowing the rules and guidelines – There are a whole bunch of rules and processes put in place by multilateral trade organizations like the International Chamber of Commerce, World Trade Organization etc.

One such set of basic guidelines that trade finance managers must learn is the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits which has been explained in this presentation by Citi.It might help in case you want to with respect to trade.This is by no means the only set of guidelines though. Kinh nghiem trading chứng khoán. Product knowledge and the ability to gain the client’s trust – Trade products are not super complex themselves, but all the different rules and multiple legal jurisdictions can sometimes make things tricky even for experienced bankers.Knowing what products would be best suited for a particular trade deal can go a long way in building a good rapport with the client.Even some of the larger companies rely on their bankers to advise them on the specifics of international trade transactions and the trade team probably gets the most face time with the client after the coverage/ relationship teams.

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Country specific laws – Next, we have the country specific laws which means complying with the rules of all the countries that the trade transaction is going to touch.Normally, there is nothing too complicated here but there are certain VERY strict exceptions that must be adhered to.I am referring of course to international sanctions. Lomb periodogram trading pdf. Banks have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars and even risk losing their licenses over such sanction breaches.The trade finance team does have support from their back-office teams but at the end of the day, they are the experts who have to ensure full compliance for each and every international transaction that they execute for their clients.Being a good salesman– Trade finance is a transactional flow business which means that once you start, you keep getting a continuous flow of business as the client will keep importing and exporting as part of his ongoing operational requirements.

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This can make trade finance a rather profitable service to offer and indeed for many banks it does form a significant chunk of their overall income.Competition is stiff in trade finance though as all the banks are vying for what is essentially a continuous stream of revenue.Crisis management – Being a relatively high-volume business, it is not uncommon for some trade deals to get stuck because of some sort of documentary deficiency every once in a while. In such cases, shipments can get delayed and cause significant losses for every hour that they are not moving.The ability to manage different stakeholders in such situations and figuring a way out can prove immensely valuable.A trade finance role falls somewhere between a coverage/ relationship management role and a very specialized product role.