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BDO #1 Fastest leveling Artisan 2 trading guide. TurtleZ3. Takes roughly 15 hours to artisan 2 depending on weight/exp buffs. Summary of.This is a long process but currently it is one of the only ways to increase your weight limit. Once you are finished, you can drop the trade pack out of your inventory, or sell it to a different “Trade Administrator” than where you bought it from. Selling the trade pack will also increase your trading level.BDO is located 6,697.29 mi 10,778.24 km south of the North Pole. How far is BDO from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? BDO is 476.94 mi 767.56 km south of the equator, so it is located in the southern hemisphere.Black Desert Online Trading in BDO is one of the life skills that has great. distance bonus, and those that gather up the processed trade goods and sell. Equipment +1 Embroidered Trader's Clothes 10% trading EXP Trading in BDO is one of the life skills that has great influence over the economy in the game.The scope of trading is so vast, from players that just connect nearby nodes, some who sail the seas to import goods and make a fortune with increased distance bonus, and those that gather up the processed trade goods and sell them to make a handful of silver.As it turns out, there is a way you can maximize the benefit from trading.That method involves utilizing the desert trade buff that is only available in Valencia.

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The requirements are quite high - the character must be over level 55 and at trading level 2.However, this buff is a must-have, as it provides a 50 to 100% markup on original prices. Thankfully, we now have a number of ways to increase the level of life skills through meals, elixirs, or mileage products.Even though it takes a bit of work to actually obtain the buff, it is worth a try if you intend to become a magnate with a big fortune. Mua ngoại hối hanoi. BDO recipe calculator and information for Copper Ore Crate. BDO. DAE. Alchemy Cooking Processing Production Material Nodes. x. 0. Trade crate produced in Mineral Workbench. Production Average. Unique Average. Copper Ore. Material - 0.30 LT. Distance Bonus % Grana to Arehaza 128.6%. Grana to Valencia 113.85%.If you want trade exp, then set up a circuit where you can constantly sell as soon as possible, and the first nodes are refreshing as soon as you complete the circuit. level 2 hebro_hammerDespite the distance bonus being shown to work, you will only get the lower value in silver for the fish. So an Arowana will get you 24.480 silver and not 28.513.

You can receive the buff from the conversation with Marzana at Ibellab Oasis with 50 energy.This buff allows you to receive a 50% markup of the original price when you purchase general trade goods from a trader NPC and sell them in Valencia City.However, it does not apply to some trade goods such as processed crates or fish that you actually caught. The conversation with Samaya at Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing costs 100 energy and also provides the buff.Even though the energy cost is greater, the buff provides a better result by giving a 100% markup for general trade goods and 50% for processed crates and fish.For example, the Heidel Cocktail Dress from the Heidel trader is a general trade good that costs 16,552 silver.You receive a bonus of 8,276 silver when you sell this in Valencia City with the Ibellab Oasis buff.

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The amount jumps to 16,552 with the Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing buff.With a Special Sunflower Crate, the original price is 15,240 silver and you get an extra 7,620 silver with the Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing buff, but no bonus with the Ibellab Oasis buff.Marzana (left): Ibellab Oasis, requires 50 energies, 50% price bonus of general trade goods Samaya (right): Pilgrim's Sanctum: Sharing, requires 50 energies, 100% and 50% of general and miscellaneous trade goods respectively Although the desert trade buff provides a handsome trade bonus, the process is not so easy. There is no distance bonus. The trade window may include a higher price since it factor in the distance bonus but you will only get paid the 250% trade value with no distance bonus. You cannot bargain with the trader. There is no distance bonus but you still need to have nodes connected or you will only get 30%.Black Desert Online crate calculator. Result. ← Return to Map. Famme's BDO Tools. Trading Tools. Crate Calculator Trade Pack Reference.Every town has independent storage / bank and your delivered goods will be placed there automatically. It’s comfortable if you want to trade but don’t have big wagon for transporting large number of goods. Wagon costs a lot and you will most likely have to hire carriages before you will be able to purchase it. Carriages are for big trading.

Therefore, you cannot receive the buff unless you satisfy these two conditions first.- The price difference between Whale Meat Salad and Sute Tea is formidable but there is only a 2% difference in terms of effects.It is a financially wise choice to use Sute Tea unless you would like to increase your trading level drastically.- The duration of Elixir of Time is short.Use the elixir right before making a bargain and then sell goods, purchase new trade goods, move to the other area, and you should still have 30 to 40 seconds left and be able to receive the EXP bonus twice with only one elixir.- Elixir of Swiftness is extremely expensive so it is not recommended unless you can afford to spare the coin for it. [[If you decide to use anyhow, drive the wagon across the forest in order to make the distance as short as possible.- Sometimes the cooldown is not over even after you finish the round-trip between Velia and Heidel.This happens often when the trade was done quicker, and you can proceed to the next trade by moving to the other channels using the node war channel, as it has no restriction.- Unlike that the price of general trade goods, which fluctuates between 70% and 130%, Imperial Delivery goods is fixed at 250% no matter what, so you can make a big fortune with this mark even if you sell the same trade goods.- The number of Imperial Delivery goods is limited and is done according to a first-come-first-served method.Therefore Imperial Delivery NPCs sometimes don’t accept the goods with the mark of crown.

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You can then sell them to the general trade NPC instead.5.Receive the quest ‘Marzana the Red Viper’ after talking to Oberin6.Talk to Marzana, who is located in a big barracks opposite of the oasis, and receive the quest ‘Knowledge Required for Conversation’9. Sop broker sopcast com 3912 262998. Hunt the Desert Sand Spirits that inhabit the area north of the oasis, talk to Marzana, and receive the quest ‘Secret Letter to the Royal Court’10.Talk to Marzana’s secret agent hiding next to a tree nearby Oberin, and receive the quest ‘Conflict Between the Two Merchant Leagues’11.Talk to Oberin, and receive the quest ‘Identity of the Assassin’After you complete all preceding questlines, it is time to receive the desert trade buff at either the Ibellab Oasis or Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing. Although you can make a fortune by trading goods, the time consumption of travelling across the desert just to receive the buff, and the amount of energy you need to spend for conversations almost offsets the benefit of the buff.

This is the reason why it is not as efficient to use the desert buff when you are trading a small amount of goods.In order to use the buff efficiently, you need to make the most benefit out of the time when you trade goods with the buff.Processed trade goods would be the perfect choice in this circumstance. Best of forex brokers. Unlike other general goods, processed goods can be stacked, and this type of item can be stored in the inventory no matter how many they are.Players utilize this feature with the farm and workers and make crates of crops such as sunflowers, olives, garlic, wood, or ores, then sell them at once.The profit can be billions of silver when you sell thousands of crates with the desert buff.

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In addition, it would also be efficient to utilize the desert trade buff by importing trade goods from the places across the sea like Port Ratt, or expensive fish from ocean fishing as the amount of silver used in the transactions is quite massive.NOTE: This text is a translation of an article on the Japanese UWO wiki at My Japanese is weak, so it's quite possible some mistakes have crept in. There are a few methods on how to level your trading, one being “Junk crates” and another being “Wagon trading”, I personally would recommend junk crates to everyone, it takes more time but I believe it is an easier method as it is done passively until you have 60,000 of Junk crates, this number is only specified for Beginner to Master 2, meaning if you are Skilled 10 trying to get Master 2, it will be less crates. Matrix trading system. The Idea of junk crates is to have workers make thousands of crates using cheap materials, then selling them far away from where they were originally created in large batches with lots of XP buffs active.To begin doing junk crates, you want to purchase “Mineral Work Bench” and “Wood Work Bench” from Calpheon, Trent or Epheria.The reason you want to do either of these 3 cities is because experience / money value is determined by the distance from one city to another, so you would want to be crafting them from as far away as Arehaza (the city you will want to be trading your junk crates to) as possible.

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When you are turning your crates in at Arehaza, it is highly recommended you get as many lifeskill XP buffs as possible, some buffs you may consider using are: Note: When stacking buffs, keep in mind that Whale Meat and Sute Tea DO NOT stack Buying the Mineral workbench in Trent costs 3 Contribution Points.( You can buy a Mineral and Wood work bench in either of those 3 towns, this is just an example, it’s the same process to buy these workbenches anywhere.) You need to hire workers to craft any of these crates, to hire a worker you need to purchase lodging the same way you purchased the Mineral Bench / Wood Work Bench.What I mean by junk crates are ore crates or timber crates, and the crates that sell for around 1,000 base silver. Wagon Trading is actively trading, I personally do not recommend this method to anyone as it takes up quite a lot of your time, is not AFKable and is quite costly due to the fact you need Life Skill EXP buffs to make this as efficient as possible.The buffs you may use for this method are: Once you’ve found the Trade Manager, make sure your wagon is close beside you, talk to them and click “Trade”.You’ll need to buy as much Trade items from the Manager as your Wagon / Elephant can hold.