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HƯỚNG DẪN CHƠI POKEMON ADVANCED ADVENTURE Bản hướng dẫn này do SacredFireNegro thực hiện, bao gồm 14 phần. 11 phần đầu là cốt truyện chính của game và còn lại là nói về các Pokemon huyền thoại.Pokemon Ultimate Mega Fire Red Download. Note For hacks which are released and downloadable, we will show you how to download files & its emulators for Window/Mac/Android/iOS and the video guides to use them to play the game on your devices.Posted in GBA ROM Hacks; Pokemon Fire Red Randomizer Version Pokemon Fire Red Randomizer Version is a little hack of Fire Red, with the chance to obtain all 150 Kanto Pokemon, and their cross gen evolutions from Johto! For more details aboutI'm using the vba on a pc playing Pokemon fire red after I defeated th. when you but them in box 13 and it makes it easyer to cach the 3 legandary dogs. 2 4. Rival- Starter- Lv.5First thing you need to do is check your PC for the potion. Larvitar- 14All the sub Levels have the same Pokemon so these are for them Slugma Numel Aron Bagon Larvitar Solrock Chimecho Clefairy Lunatone Paras Zubat First Tunnel and sub room Ether TM46Trainer Team Rocket Grunt- Cacnea- 12?????? Once you come back out of that tunnel head south you will see a trainer off to the west of him is a potion. Next you need to head outside and go North into the grass. Oak will stop you and take you to his lab and will give you a Pokemon. Ekans- 11Follow the tunnel to the Sub Room fight the Grunt go to the rock to the east of the grunt there is a Hidden Ether then go to the platform and get TM46Final Tunnel and Sub Room Item Revive Moon Stone Dome or Helix Fossil Antidote Trainer Team Rocket Grunt- Raticate- 16Team Rocket Grunt- Gulpin- 13?????? Continue south then east you will see Rare Candy and go north and grab the Escape Rope. Eventually you will see another latter (tunnel and Sub Room 2) go down it. Moon one will teach a Pokemon Mega Kick and the other will teach a Pokemon Mega Punch. After you are done jump the ledge and you are on the Cerulean side where you can train and catch some Pokemon. Pidgey Pichu Nincada Shroomish Bellsprout Totodile- Lv. After you and your rival choose a Pokemon you can head on your way but your rival will stop you and battle you. Once you come back out continue south then west then north then west. 15Places Pokemon Center Poke Mart Gym Bike Shop House with guy wants Ralts for Lickitung- by Pokemon Center Berry Powder guys house- North of trade guy House where guy describes Badges- Next to the Berry Power House House with cop in front Poke Mart Great Ball- 600Super Potion- 450Mystic Water- 9000Antidote- 100Parlyz Heal- 200Awakening- 250Burn Heal- 250Escape Rope- 550Repel- 350Trainer Rivial- Golbat- 18???? Pokemon Center Poke Mart School Gym (Locked Up)Random House First thing first hit up the Pokemon Center. You will see the last latter (final tunnel and sub room) but first grab the Moon Stone that sitting right by it.

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Download Pokemon - Fire Red Version V1.1 ROM for Gameboy AdvanceGBA and Play Pokemon - Fire Red Version V1.1 Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device!Find all our Pokemon FireRed Hints for Gameboy Advance. Unless you trade it in from another game Well, I just realized a way to keep the stress off. Cach it. Then go to the Celadon Dept. Store in celadon city. Buy a fire stone from the.P.s. ปิด Pause when inactive windows Unchecked ก่อนเปิด emu อีกตัว ไม่งั้นจะขยับตัวไม่ได้ -----0-----. Kim long trade center. Fire Red 169 After testing Fire Red 169 – another version of Pokemon fan-made game on PC, I can see that this game is worth playing. We really like this hack and the creator of it - RagingRuss. We like his ideas and enthusiasm for hacking. You can bookmark this page and our website for more informations about PokemonIn Pokemon Red and Blue, there are a few times when you'll be asked to trade Pokemon with an non-player character. Some of the Pokemon available prove advantageous against nearby Gyms or story points, and some are only available in these versions through such trades.Hướng dẫn trade pokemon trên giả lập gba. How to trade Pokémon on VBA Emulater one computer Leaf Green - Duration. Lee Sin.

Before you leave you can stop at your rivals house and talk to his sister and she will give you a town map. First thing you want to do is head West then North to pick up the Poke Ball. Now we can start Heading to Route 3 where you will meet one of Prof. If you talk to the bald guy in the top corner by the bookshelf he is selling Magikarp for 500. 13-17Geodude Lunatone Solrock Zubat Paras Clefairy Trainer Bug Catcher Kent- Weedle-11?????? Poke Ball- 200Potion- 300Antidote- 100Parlyz Heal- 200Now we can leave this place but we have things that we need to do first. That's really all you can do over here but that ain't a bad thing either. Next head back South then East till you run into a Potion then go North you will start running into trainers and then you will see an antidote then head West then South and then we will just follow the path out of here. Oaks Aides and he will give you Running Shoes from Mom. So head north the Old Man that was laying in the road is not in the way. But don't forget to battle your rival he is to the north of the patch of grass. Once you Fight Charlie go South till you find the last potion. Once your in the building talk to the girl in the green dress she will give you a Torchic. How To Trade Pokemon In GBA Emulator MyBoy Leaf Green and Fire Red Example Hello everyone, in this video I cover the ever complicated tutorial of trading with yourself using the GBA emulator My Boy.Pokemon Fire Red GBA ROM Free Download A remake of the original Game Boy title Pokemon Redreleased in Japan alongside Green in 1996, enhanced for the GBA with new features, graphics and much more! The main objective remains the same catch and train Pokemon and become the ultimate Pokemon Master.In-Game Trades. Like in Pokemon Red and Blue, there are a few times when you'll be asked to trade Pokemon with a non-player character. These trades don't differ much from the original games, and outside of Pokemon XD are still the only way to obtain certain Pokemon.

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Once you beat your Rival he will give you a Fame Checker and now you can head up to Route 24. Before you get to Route 24 you will run into your Rival. Now your in a real bind because you can't leave so our next Part of the journey is to head north to route 24. Once you beat her she will give the Cascadebage and TM03. Once you feel your Pokemon are good enough to challenge Misty go for it. If you would like a Lickitung and have a Ralts to trade for it with go to the house right by the Pokemon Center.

Togetic- 20Here we are Cerulean City stop in the Pokemon Center then go to the Poke Mart to get some Great Balls (Better than the Poke Ball) and some Super Potion (Restores 50 HP). Taillow Ralts Pineco Machop Places Bill's House Trainer Hiker Franklin- Machop- 16???? After you are done just head west towards Route 25. Coin trade maximax. [[ Then you can head south for some Pokemon if you want to with one more trainer battle. Natu- 16Hiker Wayne- Sudowoodo- 21Youngster Dan- Slowpoke- 21Picnicker Kelsey- Nidoran (M)- 17???? Nidorina- 17Camper Ethan- Eevee- 20Team Rocket Grunt- Koffing- 16???? Now head North West there will be an old man there talk to him an he will give you Cyndaquil and just beside him is a TM45. After all that is said and done you will get a Nugget for winning.

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Marill- 18Now that we are on Route 24 there is a challenge that awaits us called Nugget Bridge you have to beat them all. Once up there talk to the guy right by the Exit to the building and he will give you a Chikorita. Now go down the stairs and follow the path and go up the stairs. Eu human rights clause free trade. Once in the building there will be a girl who wants to trade her Snorunt for a Seedot. Now that that is done head to the Underground Path that will take you to Vermilion City since the road is closed that goes to Saffron City. If you want you can leave a Pokemon it will gain 1 XP for every step you take (good way to train Magikarp). Ledyba- 18Camper Ricky -Wartortle-22Picnicker Nancy- Furret- 19????

Right to the east is Route 9 but its bloked off until you cut the tree out of your way. You have to jump the ledges heading south in the middle of the Route and its the only way to run into wild Pokemon. Once you are done with him leave and head east until you see an awning. Talk to the Clefairy and he will tell you he is Bill he just needs you to push a button on the computer when he is in the machine. Head south and talk to the guy standing by the Gym and he will give you a Totodile. 16-18Skitty Bellsprout Hoppip Meowth Pidgey Places Day Care Center Building that connects Route 5 to Saffron City (Closed)Underground Path Cerulean City to Vermilion City Here on Route 5 is the Day Care Center and there is only one way to get there. Go inside and talk to the Chairman if you listen to everything he says he will give you a Bike Voucher witch you can take to the Bike Shop in Cerulean City and get a free Bike. Go into Bill's House you will notice he's not there but there is a Clefairy. Now go through the hole in the wall you will run into a Team Rocket Grunt, beat him an he will give you the TM28 he stole. Right to the west of that house is the Pokemon Fan Club. After you beat him go up and get TM43 then you can make your way to Bill's house. now that that is over with head back to Cerulean City. Remember the house that the cop was in front of the door. Notice he's moved off to the side now go into the house if you talk to the guy by the hole in the back wall he will tell you a thief stole a TM. The house right to the north if you want you can trade a Taillow for a Farfetch'D. To get to the bottom once on board head east the south and then down the stairs and fallow the hall to the end (My starting point)Items TM44- Sailor Huey's room Ether- Sailor Dylan's room Super Potion- Room by the stairs Trainer Sailor Phillip- Machop- 23Fisherman Barney- Carvanha- 20???? Once you get to a beat Hiker Nob go as low as you can and keep taking one step until Camper Flint sees you. After your done with him leave him and head east then south then west and you will see the Gym to the south of you but you can't get there yet as you don't have Cut yet. Anne I'm going to beak this down by floors and start at the bottom then the main (the floor you on when you get on board), the deck , and finally the top. Roselia- 18Route 25 is a lot like Route 24 alot of trainers in your way to your objective. When ever you are done head south down into Vermilion City. Seeker Good Rod Bike Voucher Thunder Stone Thunderbadge TM34Pokemon Fishing Old Rod Lv. Next you can go to the house right the the west of it and talk to the Fishing Guru's Older Brother and he will give you a Good Rod if you answer his question right.

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Well on this route there are some trainer to fight and a water stone to get which is south of the pond along the trees. First stop will be the Pokemon Center talk to the girl standing at the desk she will give you the VS Seeker. Raticate- 19Look at this its Route 6 with another path to Saffron City closed off. 20Places Pokemon Center Poke Mart Fishing Guru's Older Brothers House Pokemon Fan Club House with Girl that wants Taillow for Farfeth'DS. Anne Random House Poke Mart Great Ball- 600Super Potion- 450Antidote- 100Parlyz Heal- 200Awakening- 250Ice Heal- 250Super Repel- 500Welcome to Vermilion City. Tentacool- 21Sailor Leonard- Barboach- 23I'll start at the end of the hall and work to the stairs. Segnali forex materie prime. Cheri Berry Pecha Berry Trainer Gentleman Thomas- Growlithe- 23???? Nidorina- 21Youngster Tyler- Nuzleaf- 23Lass Ann- Clefairy- 19???? Skitty- 22I will start at the far east door and work my way west and there are seven rooms. Then go to the south west corner to get a great ball. In each of the you will find a berry (Chesto, Cheri, Pecha). After your done with him continue straight and the guy wondering around at the end is Sailor Edmond. Item Star Dust X Attack HM01Trainer Fisherman Dale- Barboach- 21????

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Room six has Youngster Tyler and Lass Ann as well as TM31. When your done don't go up the stairs yet head south into the to the east side of the kitchen to the three garbage cans. You just need head straight you will cross paths with Sailor Trevor. Room five has A little girl who always has her Wiggletuff and her dad. There are a bunch of people here and only two trainers. Magikarp- 20Gentleman Brooks- Pikachu- 24Gentleman Lamar- Poliwhirl- 23???? Krabby- 18Once you make it to the next floor (Top floor) you need to go south and head up the next flight of stairs and follow the hall to the deck. Forex com. Beat him go up the stairs talk to the Captain and get HM01 (Cut). Now you can continue to the north you will see stairs but you will run into your Rival. Room six has two people that will talk about sea sickness.