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Dai Viet is a really good nation to play in SE Asia since you have amazing National Ideas. You could just ignore westernization as @Nightman said; however, the one bonus of westernizing isn't just the tech cost but the ability to actually afford infrastructure since you won't be spending extra points on your Chinese tech.Ming annex_dai_viet mission now targets all provinces owned by DAI. CE bugfix. Adds a failsafe for the trade agreement renewal between Constantinople and the Italian merchant republics. Adds a failsafe for the Lesser Noble Promotion to fire only if there are nobles to promote.Welcome to EU4 This is a sub-reddit for Europa Universalis IV. It is a general subreddit for the Grand Strategy Game from Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis 4.U. S.-Vietnam bilateral trade has grown from $451 million in 1995 to nearly $52 billion in 2016. In 2016, Vietnam was America’s fastest growing export market. U. S. exports to Vietnam grew by 77 percent between 2014-2016. U. S. exports to Vietnam were worth over $10 billion in 2016, and U. S. imports in 2016 were worth $42 billion. 6 digit forex broker. EU4 Campaign Dai Viet 1607-1609 Qing had 41k troops, 16k reserve, and 22 ships. It was not quite as one-sided as "wars" with Vijayanagar, but after two bloodbaths with Timurids, it feels a bit underwhelming.Our Team. Multicultural, multilingual, and multidisciplinary to the core—global in outlook and approach—DAI’s technical leaders are steeped in the challenges of delivering development solutions in the field. They are committed to sharing our innovation and experience to inform international development practices worldwide.People just love to discuss EU4 idea groups, and to be honest almost. still give wrong estimates of how much trade income bonuses are worth, as they apply to. 4.03 Dai Viet Ideas; 4.01 Ashanti Ideas; 4.00 Ethiopian Ideas.

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The entire region lives in shadow of Ming, who fortunately can't rival any of us, but unfortunately hate us all since we're Buddhists and they're Confucians.I don't start as the weakest country in the region, but many others like Bengal, Shan, and Ayutthaya are quite a bit stronger.So day one I took the mission to conquer one of Lan Xang's provinces, rivaled Lan Xang and Champa (my only choices in the whole world), declared war on Lan Xang, and sent some diplomats to improve relations with Ayutthaya. Commodity trading contracts là gì. Achievements This article is taken into account accurate for the present model 1.24 of the sport. For ideas & methods on easy methods to full an achievement, see the achievements category. EU4 has 255 totally different achievements, all utilizing the Steam achievements mechanics. Achievements haven’t any in-game results; the achievement simply pops up in-game after which added to the.EU4 Idea Group Keys Find below a list of EU4 idea groups, with their ID keys, for use in the add_idea_group console command. Type the name or key of an idea group into the search box to instantly filter the table contentsHave the highest trade power in Genoa, Venice and English Channel while having. Starting as Dai Viet, have 10 nations follow the Mahayana Faith by 1500.

Steam Trading Cards. adds 16 new unit models for a number of Asian Buddhist countries, including Tibet, Lan Xang, Kandy and Dai Viet.EU4 Achievement Guide Disciples of Enlightenment. Reman's Paradox. Hey Dai Viet, time to share new kingdoms, here and there.The Russia, Ural, and Crimea regions are Catholic Consulate of the Sea # 海權發展, 5等 Playing as Aragon Conquer all Mediterranean Centers of Trade. Dracula's Revenge # 9等 Playing as either Moldavia, Wallachia Form Romania Not playing as a released vassal All provinces in the Balkans region are owned by Romania or its non-tributary. English instructor foreign trade univeristy vietnam. Maybe they'll be kind enough to convert their 3 provinces to Buddhist while I wait? While I was doing all that I setup another alliance and marriage with Tibet.So now that's first phase of expansion is done, I ran instantly into second problem - my only available rivals are Ayutthaya (my most important ally, and the only nearby country not bothered much by my expansion so far since we were allied all that time) and Ming (ridiculously huge, even if I integrated all my vassals). Literally any other country in the region would make a ton more sense as a rival than these two - Shan, Pegu, Malacca, Aceh, Brunei, even Bengal are about the right sized and not very fond of me.So my reward for defeating all my rivals is one or more of: • losing my only important ally (and for all I know the game will decide to just break this alliance right away) • getting into conflict (even if not war right away) with world's greatest superpower • losing all power projection (by the way if you end war by annexing or vassalizing your rival, you get 0 power projection out of it as well - so I have far less than I'm suppoed to have if the game had some QA phase) Basically the new rival system is as much a disaster as people said, even if you're nowhere near Ming-sized.I'll try to give it my best - right now I need to take some time to replenish manpower and reduce war exhaustion a bit.

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Witnessing Dai Viet rebell against Zhu Di. 20170216205542_1. Much more. Person answer this correctly can add the ruler in the history file in their EU4 folder. Qing still doesn't have global trade in 1840. Europe is still in.What are some of the craziest things you've seen in an EU4 game? 75,566 Views. Manchu is in Chinese culture group while Korea and Dai Viet are not. Though Korea. The game does not distinguish between trading posts and colonies.Let's Play Europa Universalis 4 with the Art of War expansion. This time I have selected the country of Dai Viet with the general goal of getting the 'Land of Eastern Jade' achievement. If you. My trade is all in Canton trade node, so I can't fabricate any trade conflicts either, except against Ming (and we all know how that's going to end), but maybe there's some way to do it by building a few more light ships and moving them around.If all other expansion options fail, I could always go against Ayutthaya, which feels like a horrible idea, even if it didn't require -1 stab to Do W against royal marriage.#eu4 EU4 Campaign: Dai Viet: 1448-1468 Given the choice of rivaling Ayutthaya and Ming, I went against Ming and embargoed them, since I really dislike breaking useful alliances.

Dai Viet GC, V 1.05 Hard, Aggressive Missions off VP's on Notes - try to. They have no trade to speak of, but favor mercantilistic policies with.R/eu4 A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio.Europa Universalis IV tiếng Việt Thế giới Châu Âu 4,thường gọi là EUIV or. Nội dung của trò chơi xoay quanh khoảng thời gian lịch sử kéo dài từ ngày. Bản mở rộng này đưa thêm các công ty thương mại Trade Company vào trò chơi. Eagle model trade war. [[Unfortunately they were huge (I hoped they'd be breaking out one province at a time, but that's not how it works), and 21k rebel army became their new national army - nearly twice as big as mine.And to make matters worse I didn't have a free diplomat the day they broke free, so they managed to get into some alliances before I could Do W them. Two allies they got were also my (former) allies - Tibet and Lan Na, so it was me and Ayutthaya vs Zhou, Tibet, and Lan Na.The war was really bloody - mostly Ayutthaya and Zhou blooding each other, and supply limit blooding everyone, as I tried to stay out of it as much as possible.

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I just blockaded isle of Hainan with my transport ships, and siege that out, and send my troops to siege Lan Na as priority targets.It ended up with me taking just 2 Zhou provinces - one of them island of Hainan with no direct connection to my territory, and annexing/releasing Lan Na - this temporary ownership let me fabricate some claims on Pegu and Shan, which will be of much use later.Oh and by the way, back to bullshit bugs - midwar the game decided that Zhou, Pegu, and Shan would actually be fine rivals for me - but since I can't change rivals midwar now, it decided to punish me with -1/month power projection due to not having enough rivals. The game then changed its mind again, and decided that actually Pegu is not a good rival for me... Philippines and the us china trade war. Oh well - Ming, Zhou, and Shan it is then, for now.Pegu and Shan even setup a small coalition against me.Coalitions seems to be working fine right now, there's one against me, another against Orissa, and that's it.

They do something, but they're not excessive like in older patches. I decided to wait a bit so coring could finish, but my truces with Zhou and Tibet remained, then I attacked Pegu for my claim. At least Zhou didn't bother, but it seems they got called into war anyway, as their alliance with Pegu disappeared. Pegu got vassalized, one of Shan's province got taken and released as Taungu.Like before, Ayutthaya did most of the fighting, but this time they decided that enough is enough and white peaced to recover their manpower and WE. As for future plans, I can't really go North (Ming or Zhou) or South (Ayutthaya) since everybody is allied with everybody else.I could go against Shan, but we have a truce right now. The easiest targets would probably be in India - Muslims lost most of their holdings, to Hindu rebels overthrowing their formerly Muslim governments (presumably, country tags stayed mostly the same, but they're mostly no longer Muslim), Vijayanagar, Orissa, and various minor powers.I guess if I waited long enough Vijayanagar and Orissa would probably conquer most of it, which is another reason to move there soon.#eu4 EU4 Campaign: Dai Viet: 1468-1479 I opportunistically attacked Arakan in spite of zero manpower to have my vassals conquer their capital province.

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That got me back into waiting mode, since to my North were my 3 rivals - Ming, Zhou, and Shan - all allied with Ayutthaya to my South (whom I wanted to keep as an ally), and Orissa, who blobbed quite a bit and had ton of allies in India.On the upside there was a sizeable coalition against Orissa already, so I decided to join it, wait for Orissa's truces to expire, and then I went after one of Orissa's provinces, which I released as Bengal after moderately bloody war.Bengal has cores on 4 other provinces too, so hopefully I'll be able to do something about that. Ship broker china. The next logical target was Koch - in a nice alliance with tiny Assam, Kachar, and Nepal.Could I just vassalize the entire region in one neat war?As usual, I was desperately low on manpower, and to make matters worse 6k rebels spawned in Arakan (a province I couldn't walk around in any way).

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So I waited for rebels to win, negotiated local autonomy with them, hired 5k merc infantry, and went for it.I got everything I wanted - 9 vassal provinces total, leaving Koch with just one.And just like before, my manpower is depleted, alliance networks are very dense, so I don't have any amazing expansion routes, but I'll figure something out. Partnership trade agreement là gì. My new rivals are now Ming and Zhou - Shan is too small, and the only remaining options are Ayutthaya (my allies) and Vijayanagar (too big, don't want to piss them off early).The game really should offer Orissa as possible rival - they're about similar strength and we really want each other territory, but the rival system is what it is. Currently there's a coalition of Shan and Orissa against me - Orissa holds Bengal's remaining core, unfortunately I don't have any CBs against them, so that core might get wasted.