Poe.trade is painfully slow and unusable. Remember the official trade..

I made the switch because poe.trade is always so slow in updating the auto completion for new items and honestly their site is better anyways it has everything that poe.trade has and more. you can search for # of free suffix or prefixes. you can minimize the filters you don't care about for more clarityMy laptop cant handle POE any longer fast actions and trading is like the last thing left for me. Im glad for any tips about how getting started I just play 1-2h.Tool Alternative trade search app self.pathofexile submitted 1 year ago * by poeapp There have been a lot of complaints surrounding trading lately, and GGG's stash tab API surely had its ups and downs over the past few days.The current AHK I have running will pull prices from poe.trade and list them on a tooltip. It also has a hotkey combo to open a poe.trade search for the item under my cursor. Unrelated to poe.trade, there's also a key combo to show me the tiers of the explicit rolls as well as show a range for any roll on the item. Have you considered collapsing all the search categories by default (or perhaps leaving a couple of most used ones open)?In my opinion, the biggest problem with your app is the fact that poe.trade has been the staple for trading for so long and people are just used to it (it has become the standard, sadly) and your app is different in pretty much everything which makes it hard for people to get used to.From my point of view the biggest problems are all the input fields being shoved into the users face all at once (maybe removing the "min" and "max" placeholder and replacing it with a hyphen between the two related inputs and thus removing some of the visual clutter).Your visual hierarchy is somewhat "wrong", meaning users will have trouble differentiating between the sections, section headings, and input labels.

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Jan 28, 2019 - On PoE's Trade site, "#% Chance to Block Spell Damage" is duplicated but they're Path of Exile will not support Windows XP or Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by We want existing problems addressed, fix the ***** trade system Mar 7, 2018 - The two countries have forged strong trade.Simple how to use POE. TRADE. Path of Exile How to buy and sell on Poe. Trade. Jorgen. Loading. Unsubscribe from Jorgen? CancelTrade macro should if possible use too for faster search, because right now poe.trade is pretty much useless in-game in the weekends. You have to wait like 10 or more seconds for a qick price check. Quản lý vốn đầu tư forex. I agree with this and have experimented with a few different techniques. However it could be the 6th It seems too jumbled up in its current state.4.You either start to lose the meaning or it just ends up looking messy. When you first log onto why is there a ton of empty space on the right, and a long scroll wheel to enter in search rolls?I think a good designer could create a mock that makes the most sense, but I definitely don't love how it currently looks with all of the of the greatest things about poe.trade is the tab-autocomplete as you're typing an item name, implement that into your app (IMO the dropdown for all the items isn't something I would ever use, its just way too much information in a single dropdown) - this is on a full HD 15" laptop, make use of all your space, let the app breathe, don't condense everything too much, increase the font sizes and paddings by increasing the width that you actually use you will be able to fit more items on the screen, at least in the case of items without a lot of mods, which is great UI still makes me close the page. When you perform a search the "search" should be hidden (similar to poe.trade) so that more room is available for items. When you log onto poe.trade its just the search functions big and bold able to quickly perform the search, not as much wasted space.

Poeapp An item trade search engine for Path of Exile. An item trade search engine for Path of Exile. An item trade search engine for Path of Exile.You first log onto why is there a ton of empty space on the right, and a long scroll wheel to enter in search rolls? When you log onto poe.trade its just the search functions big and bold able to quickly perform the search, not as much wasted space.For Path of Exile on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "PoeApp - alternative to poe.trade, much more stable, flexible, and a lot faster". High probability short term trading strategies. Poe Exalted Orb trading progress 1player will send you a friend request and invite you to a Party, please accept his request in game. 2will get into your hideout if you have one. If not, please go to Lioneye's Watch of ACT-1 after you join the party. 3sure to give us some items as the offer when trading Poe Exalted Orb. Our.An item trade search engine for Path of Exile. poeapp An item trade search engine for Path of Exile.The Ranger is a pure dexterity based class, which uses bows and rapiers to attack and dex armour to evade enemy blows. The Ranger's Ascendancy classes are Deadeye, Raider, and Pathfinder.

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There's still no way to search most of the pierce mods that got changed from % pierce to X targets pierced, and searching for legacy items in standard is a nightmare.It's a good website but once you get at a certain point it gets lackluster. I just swapped to it this league after using poe.trade since xyz days and honestly it's not even close.I wish the official site had a copy item option like poe.trade does, if it did I would swap to the official site exclusively. Csgo lounge trade block. I know it's a longshot, but I'm afraid they'll have to implement some kind of "easier" trade (mechanism/item search) into game client (without 3rd party addons) eventually ...I have to belive in that ...i made the switch because poe.trade is always so slow in updating the auto completion for new items and honestly their site is better anyways it has everything that poe.trade has and moreyou can search for # of free suffix or prefixesyou can minimize the filters you don't care about for more clarityyou can disable affixes temporally instead of needing to remove them if you quickly want to try different search parametersand they don't try to use ads It's a poe.trade problem.It's a problem with any other indexer other than GGG's.

The major issue with sites like poeapp or poe.trade is that they likely do not have the same resources as GGG do. GGG has to have good servers to cope with the amount of requests they get because the game simply wouldn't function without them. A good business grade server stack is a necessity in their case.Hello everyone, my name is Tony, and I'm the author of poeapp.com, a browser-based application that makes finding items and trading in Path of Exile easier.A guide to getting started with trading using the popular tool poe.trade. Updated for Blight 3.8! Progress of trade war. [[Setting them to private/offline, then back to public/show online multiple times.Re-checking the "public" checkbox ingame to index items.So far, nothing has worked =( can someone please help me?

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Additional info: - account:mapletune shows online correctly. (i'm logged on both at the same time) - both accounts show correctly as online on pathofexile.com/trade I'm shown as offline on poe.trade and all the time =( what can i do to fix this?Additional info: - account:mapletune shows online correctly. I have realized over the past couple days that I cannot do this without the support of all of you that use the app each day. If you decide to help support, it is greatly appreciated and will go towards paying for my infrastructure costs and motivating me to make the app better.I have some big features that I would love to add :)EDIT: I wanted to thank all of you for your DMs over the past days.The words of kindness mean a lot to me, and I will try my best to keep the service going.

I know that a lot of you have relied on poeapp, and that is very much appreciated.EDIT2: I'm temporarily disabling websockets/live search while I investigate a better solution. i am also proposing that there should be no DOWN rep for items without a buyout, this to prevent people from downvoting some one because they could not agree on an items price.Hi Tony, I am too poor to help support your patreon, but the recent talk about poeapp made me try it out, and once I tried it, I was hooked (damn, it's fast! please give your cat hugs and kisses from me/u/poeappim just going to plug this here, you want to beat out poe.trade help us fix trading as much as we can if possible without the need of GGG's "updated trade system" make it so when we suggest players about third party trading tools, we have no reason to send them to poe.trade because your system is far superior. https://i.imgur.com/vx DT79e.jpgthen allow us to filter on said rating, forcing people who WANT to play this game and trade to show better behavior or risk losing business.rating should have a time limited factor say each rating holds value for 2-3 months, wich if your behaviour changes your ratings over time should reflect your change but should penalize you enough to deter bad behavior. it should be fairly easy to toggle this on or off based on if it has a buyout listed or not but it should allow people who did manage to barter to increase his reputation or stay neutralin conclusion, a rating system keeps people honest, removes results that are not for sale and provides buyers with a much better experience and should make actual sellers earn more money by reducing their competition it is a win-win situation all around Afterword to those who think vote systems can be manipulated too easily, i suggest you go look at how they have worked fine for ebay/amazon and alot of actual resale platforms. ) --- the first thing I did was disable adblocker, but I don't see any ads on your site still. Instead, I actually want to see if any of them are relevant to me and click-through/check them out if they are. (you're doing a good job so far) if you need help coding, im sure you could ask people on the subreddit for assistance.https:// we have a rating system that allows us to rate sellers? it's not going to be easy to implement something like this correctly, but it can and should! Is there anywhere you think you could lower your costs? EDIT: For example, being able to see when the seller was last 'active' helps me avoid empty responses. This fixes a huge issue already and saves precious time. I don't mind putting in this extra effort if I am not supporting you in any other way. one based roughly on the paper linked by /u/h4xolotl in the above linked postwe really need a way to deal with market manipulators, and so far this has been one of the best suggestions i have seen. be done Quick request: I use a Chrome extension called ' Back to Backspace' which restores the 'backspace navigates backwards' functionality that Chrome removed. When typing in an input element and hitting backspace Chrome registers the keystroke as if I'm not typing in a proper input element causing the extension to navigate backwards. If it's a project you'd like assistance with i'm a full stack dev and I could find a handful of hours a week to help.edit: oh i'm also well versed in elasticsearch, so happy to help on the search side of things as well What does it cost to run month to month? Not that I expect you to do keep poeapp up out of the kindness of your heart - I just want to know if we can help make it better in other ways. If poeapp goes down, I wouldn't be able to continue the league. I haven't taken the time to mess around with the elements to figure out what's causing the issue, just wanted to bring it up.

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I want to buy 1 Gemcutter's Prism..poeapp: 1c,1c,1cpoe.trade: 1c,1c,1c,1c,1c (include duplicate person): 1.4c, 1.4c, 1.45cwhy? The official site, or any others, don't list any of my currency because I don't care about the official site. or poe.trade and poapp have their own server to upload items? They let you set up "shop" directly on their site and you give your rates to advertise. The official trade site defaults to only showing people playing in the league you're searching, so if you're looking for trades on Standard, if people are playing in Delve league, they won't show up unless they've gone in and enabled cross-league listings. Many people, like me, only advertise specifically on poe.trade. Eu4 dharma upgrade center of trade. If you want it the cheapest, look first on poe.trade..If your content has been incorrectly flaired, please change it!Additionally, for live build/POE discussion and question answers, feel free to ask in the various question channels on the Path Of Exile Discord!

Poe trade vs poeapp

I wonder what is more lazy: to set a price ingame and wait or to visit a trade site and manually set the price?I had no problem selling my fossils in bulk via premium-stash tab.I guess most people just dont know how to list something for less than 1c (e.g. Huong dan trade fbs. 0,1c -poe.trade lets people manage their "shop" through their website.This is easy for sellers to set their currency rates.I use only poe.trade to sell all of my currency and don't even advertise on any others.