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Offers forex & metals trading with award winning trading platforms, tight spreads, quality executions, powerful trading tools & 24-hour live supportMetals trading software for the global marketplace. The Challenge Regulatory and macro-economic changes have introduced considerable volatility into metals markets, bringing metals trading software and logistics management back to the forefront for metals producers, traders and end users.Metals futures and precious metals futures in particular represent one of the most liquid derivative instruments. Metals such as gold, silver, copper and platinum are traded on the COMEX and NYMEX exchanges. These large exchanges are part of the CME Group. The price dynamics of such commodities are affected by a variety of factors.Want to trade ⭐gold, ⭐silver, ⭐platinum, ⭐palladium or ⭐copper CFDs. trades with AvaTrade are performed though our SSL secured online trading platform. Partner XM for Steel is a cloud-based software platform that centrally manages all physical commodity trading activity including buy and sell contracts, futures and options, pre-advices, loading, bulk and containerized shipments, documentation, logistics, discharge, warehousing and counterparty/end-user delivery.With Allegro's Metals & Mining CTRM software you get total control across all aspects of your metals and mining firm trading operations. Learn more now!Fendahl's Fusion CTRM is the Next Generation of CTRM Software, trusted by trading organisations both small and large on a global scale. Fusion CTRM is a multi-commodity intelligent CTRM system that supports the requirements of Front Office, Operations and Back Office and provides powerful in-built reporting tools.

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Partner XM Commodity Management for Non-Ferrous Metals Trading is a cloud-based software platform that centrally manages all physical.Precious Metals Trading Software – Enterprise and Retail. Enterprise Commodity XL for Precious Metals caters to the treasury bullion business and presents an integrated approach to physicals, forwards and loans. It monitors client exposure and margins in real-time and supports a robust risk management and regulatory compliance program.Edouard has more than 10 years of experience in physical commodity trading and finance. Before joining Open Mineral, Edouard was with Transamine, trading base metal concentrates; and prior to that, he worked as a senior associate for Morgan Stanley in Fixed Income. CTRM Center for CTRM Software and ETRM Software. Fast and easy trade-capture system for metals deals management. Supports Raw Materials such as.Efficient trading in metals and raw materials relies on attending to every detail of an order. Our software determines quality when sourcing from vendors and tracks on-time delivery from suppliers to assure customer satisfaction on deliveries.Eximware- Partner XM Commodity Management for Metals-metal trading software- solutions are leveraged by leading metal, steel and scrap.

The London Metal Exchange LME is the world centre for industrial metals trading. Most of the world's non-ferrous metals business is conducted on our three.A centralized solution Use our metals trading software for a solution that lets you manage and monitor every key process centrally. Which means you work more efficiently and save time. A flexible solution You can easily adapt our metals trading software to fit your individual needs, and take advantage of a continuous stream of new ways to enhance your company’s performance.MetalDesk is a physical precious metals trading platform, the first of its kind, providing direct access to the wholesale bullion market via the ABX. The margin is always 50% when you hedge positions on CFDs and if your margin level is over 100%.Calendar dates are indicative and are subject to change.Gold Trading and other precious metals, along with crude oil, copper or petroleum, are hard commodities that play a major role in the commodities market and are contract-based tradable goods.The contracts based on precious metals can include futures, spot prices, forwards and options.

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Start trading Gold, silver, Platinum, Palladium & Copper CFDs ✅ Enjoy great. with AvaTrade are performed though our SSL secured online trading platform, it is.Commodity Trading & Risk Management Software for Refined Metals & Metal Concentrates Traders. Discover how Fusion CTRM meets the complex.Our diverse set of software solutions help you identify profitable trading opportunities, manage risks and optimise physical operations. We cover metals. Create your own trading card game. Learn how to start commodity trading online, including popular commodities. trading, and the 1960s saw the introduction of precious metals trading. trade publications, the Farmers' Almanac, charting software and other.Commission free trading with a range of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum as a CFD in your trading strategy.Metals Trading Risk and Management Software - CTRM Center resources is a searchable list of vendors and IT services companies in the space which will soon have at least basic contact information for each listing in the next week or so.

The buying and selling of futures takes place without the actual physical ownership of the commodities traded and done via online trading.The most frequently traded precious metals are gold, platinum, palladium and silver, and the high trading volume on these commodities is attributed to their retained intrinsic value, regardless of economic conditions.The preference for the online purchase, and even physical ownership, of precious metals as long-term investment has tremendously increased in recent decades. [[Trading precious metals also presents opportunities for those interested in short-term investment since derivatives and exchange-traded contracts are a less capital-intensive and simpler way to take a position on their price movements.Unlike most commodities that are mainly dependent on production and consumption levels, gold trading prices, for instance, are not: they follow the pulse of political changes and make it possible for gold to function as a hedge against other markets in times of uncertainty.Along with gold, platinum, palladium and silver are also valuable assets and traded by investors who regard them as stores of value in times of monetary uncertainty.

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There are several factors that affect price fluctuation and can cause volatility in the precious metals market.One of the most important factors are global financial institutions, whose investments are speculative in nature and can cause upward or downward price movements.Another factor that influences the market is the end-user trends, mainly triggered by jewellery buyers: the demand in jewellery makes precious metal markets prices to rise. In a globally well-performing economy the level of wealth is directly correlated to the demand for gold and other precious metal jewellery: when investors search for investment options that present a higher risk, the prices of certain precious metals is lowered while the price of others rises. Last but not least, the changes in demand for some other financial assets apart from precious metals also contribute to price fluctuations.Precious metals, and gold in particular, have always the symbol of wealth.As far as prehistoric times, when gold was used in bartering, and throughout the centuries, whether in the form of coins, or bars and billions of fixed purity and weight, gold has been a valuable and much sought-after asset.

The first gold coins were struck in 600 BC and its use for monetary exchange (gold standard) lasted as long as the 1930s.As a highly electrically conductive and malleable metal, gold is non-reactive to other elements, and it is used in several industries from jewellery, commercial chemistry and electronics to medicine.Gold as commodity money was only replaced by the fiat currency system after 1976, but it has continued to remain a solid investment asset until today. Bitcoin trading sites list. Along with gold, for over 4 thousand years silver has also been used for monetary exchange with the silver standard lasting until the 19th century.The industrial, commercial, and consumer demand make silver a strong asset to invest in, and derivatives like silver futures are traded on various exchange markets in the world.With the advent of online trading, silver exchange-traded products have been an easy way for investors to gain exposure to the price of silvers and invest in it long term.

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As compared to gold trading and silver trading, which have been present as investment assets since ancient civilizations, platinum and palladium have a shorter history in the financial sector.However, due to their scarcity and the amount of their annual mine production, along with their various uses in several industrial areas, at times they tend to sell at a price even higher than gold.10 times rarer then gold, platinum is associated with wealth, and white gold-platinum alloys were used as early as in the pre-Columbian civilization. The first reference to platinum in Europe was made in the 16th century, and since the 18th century it has been used in jewellery, the motor and chemical industry, dentistry and even medicine.Similar to platinum, palladium also plays an essential role in technology.Since its discovery in 19th century Europe, global demand for palladium has largely increased, mostly in the automobile industry, but it is also widely used in medicine, the electrical industry, jewellery, and of course as an investment asset. the price determination in the market), in times of sustained economic stability the price of platinum and palladium can be as much as that of gold, or even higher, while their prices can fall behind the price of gold in periods of economic instability, making gold a more stable metal to invest in.

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Precious metals have been some of the most popular hard commodities to trade since the 1970s.Besides currency exchange (forex) trading, investing in gold and other precious metals long-term is a worldwide popular way of portfolio risk management during times of inflation or economic/political uncertainty.Futures contracts are so-called derivative contracts, meaning that their value derives from the performance of the underlying asset. One of the main purposes of investing in precious metals futures is risk mitigation: given the ability to the contract buyer and seller to fix prices or rates in advance for future transactions, they can both ensure against drastic or sudden price movements that may cause increased losses.Precious metals can be traded in both directions: if the market is expected to move upwards (bullish trend) trades can be entered by purchasing a futures contract (going long) and exit the trade by selling it; while if there is anticipation of a downward movement (bearish trend), trades can be entered by selling a futures contract (going short) and exit the trade by buying a contract.The possibility is also given to trade multiple futures contracts, which involves making several separate entries and exits, that is, entering contracts at different prices and exiting at one price, or the other way round.